Fallingwater for string quartet (2016) | Michael Daugherty, composer | Official website

for string quartet (2016)

I. Nightrain
II. On the Level
III. Prairie Psalm
IV. Ahead of the Curve

Instrumentation: String quartet

Publisher: Atoll

Duration: 20 minutes

Program Note:

Fallingwater (2016) for string quartet is a musical tribute to the visionary American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959). The inspiration to compose my string quartet came to me when I visited Taliesin, the 600-acre estate that Wright began to build in 1911, nestled into the rolling hills of Wisconsin. For over 40 years, Taliesin was his primary residence, studio, sanctuary, farm, school of architecture, and artistic statement to the world. In the main living hall, his third wife organized soirees for family, apprentices and renowned guests. As I stood in the center of this magnificent space, I noticed a large circular music stand made of wood, designed by Wright himself, with four sides for use by string quartets. I began to hear a composition in four movements, as an emotional, spiritual, and musical exploration of Wright’s aesthetic of “organic architecture.”

–Michael Daugherty