Bounce for two bassoons (1988)
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  • Bounce

2 Bassoons

Peermusic Classical, BMI (Americas and Asia)
Faber Music (Europe, Australia and New Zealand)

8:30 minutes

World Premiere
March 1988 / Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin, Ohio / Charles Ullery and Kristen Wolfe

Program Notes
Bounce(1988) for two bassoons

Bounce (1988) for two bassoons is one of Daugherty's first published compositions. Like MXYZPTLK and Viola Zombie, Bounce is a duo that puts front and center a device that became one of his compositional signatures: two like instruments spaced well apart from each other, trading similar material. Bounce alternates slow "Soulful" sections with fast ones marked "Funky." The work hints at the colorful bassoon parts in Daugherty's later works Red Cape Tango and Dead Elvis. Bounce was commissioned by bassoonist Charles Ullery of the St. Paul Chamber orchestra

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